CNaR II-7.01-2011
Construction Norms and Rules of Republic of Armenia – Climatology
RA Service of the Hydrometeorology and Active Influence on Atmospheric Phenomena” SNCO
RA Environmental Monitoring and Information Center SNCO
Register of Industrial Hazardous Objects on the Territory of RA
National Statistical Service of the Republic of Armenia, Population Census 2011
Masterplans adopted for the towns in Kotayq, Ararat, Armavir regions
Masterplan adopted for Yerevan


In the past two decades the urban fabric of Yerevan experienced drastical modifications: the city center got denser, the suburbs extended mostly in an uncontrolled way, many green areas vanished. As a result the environmental conditions such as the climate and the air quality got notably worse.

Still, the attractiveness of the capital with its vibrant life and the various work opportunities is indisputable. An optimal alternative to living in the crowded city can be dwelling in one of the towns in the commuter belt of Yerevan. While being located within easy reach of Yerevan’s city center, many of these towns provide their inhabitants with better environment and a direct contact with nature, with ecological products and lower costs of living.

In the following study some commuter towns, as well as a couple of settlements within Yerevan’s administrative borders, were compared based on their potential for expansion, their accessibility, environmental conditions and the points of special interests in the surroundings. For every assessment category up to five points are given to a location. The rankings points are summed up at the end and the best locations are selected.