Villa in Dzoraghyur

  • Address: Dzoraghbyur, Kotayk reg., Republic of Armenia
  • Area: 1254
  • Project year: 2017г
  • Role
  • PA
    Ananayan T.A.


Laconic appearance of the building is a reflection of the rational functional solution of internal space. Excellent finishing and building materials (stone, wood, metal) play an important role in facade composition. In the newest interpretation, they create an ascetic and modern image of individual housing.
Entrance group and a garage for 2 cars are located in the south-eastern part of the building.
The porch is semi-enclosed, sheltered from wind, rain and snow. It is an individual zone for the house, a transition link/connection of the interior and exterior.
Volumes of the office and the guest room are elevated above the ground on columns.
This volume division allows to:
• Fully insolate northern areas from the west with protruding L-shaped wing where children’s and parents’ bedrooms are located.
• Provide a picturesque panoramic view of surrounding mountains with Ararat peak that dominates over them.
• Create a shelter protecting from the sun, rain and snow for organization of summer refectory and kitchen.
• Visually divide the guest and the pool areas into atriums
and two zones.
From the south-east side, there are large panoramic windows. From the west side a long overhanging console over the windows provides a shadow and protects the house from overheating during hot periods but offers sunlight exposure better in winter months when the sun is lower in the sky.
The 1st floor is taken as a conditional mark of ± 0.000.
The proposed structural solution is a monolithic reinforced concrete frame.
The house consists of five separate structural parts, interconnected with seismic and deformation seams.
The floors are connected by a two-marched reinforced concrete staircase. Height from floor to the ceiling of the first part is 3.30 meters, the second part is 4.2 meters in the dining area and 5.4 meters in the living room zone. The third part – that is office volume, has a height of 3 meters and is raised above the mark of the lower terrace for 4.65 meters. The fourth and the fifth zones of the house have a height of 3.6 meters.
Dimensions of the building: width – 28,4 m, length – 56,2, height – 9,0 m.