Townhouse in Cambridge Village

  • Address: Pokrovskoe village
  • Area: 145.3
  • Project year: 2016г
  • Role
    Interior architecture
  • PA
    Telemak ANANYAN
  • Architects

The three-floor townhouse interior is implemented in light gray and beige colors.

Living room, dining room and kitchen are combined into one light space where fireplace is the decorative and semantic center.

Natural facing materials are widely utilized in the interior. Facing of the guest bathroom walls, the fireplace and the windowsills is carried out using light gray marbleized limestone from Shushinskoye. Bathrooms in the second and attic floors are implemented with travertine and decorative painting. Wood ash, oak and cork serve as flooring. Internal metal stairs also have wood paneling.

Interior finishing of the walls – wallpaper and decorative painting.
Ceilings in the attic floor are made of stretching constructions, in other floors: dropped ceilings of gypsum board.