The Iceland Movie Pavilion

Black and white…

Ice and ashes

The proposed solution consists of 15 modules, 9×9 meters of each. Square blocks are connected to each other in a large triangle, in the form of a soaring bird, or the mythical Icelandic dragon.

Each block has its own overlap: a parametric metal mesh shell, which rests on four corner pillars. The “flake” roof also has the form of a hyperboloid, covered with anthracite slate tiles, with a repeating pattern.

The concept is made in a sacred proportion, that is, all dimensions, from height, to the dimensions of stained-glass windows or console projections, are similar to each other in the golden ratio and are derivatives from 9 m.

The exterior is done in shades of dark gray/black.

The building consists of three main functional areas:

1. Cinema area: cinema hall and lobby: waiting and discussion area

2. Exhibition pavilion area

3. Cafe area: kitchen, dining room

Service areas, sach es wardrobes/closet, wc, offices, technical areas mostly located on a left far corner of the plan.

All these three zones are interconnected by a covered atrium, an inner courtyard – a winter garden.

In addition to facade, side lighting, the premises are insolated with the help of zenith windows. Thanks to the “scaly” structure of the roof, triangular zenith windows are formed, which somehow remind the silhouettes of soaring winged dragons.

Zenith lighting floods the premises with diffused light, which eliminates or minimizes glare, direct hit of Sun rays in the exposition zone, and also illuminates the central zones of the building with natural light. 

Such lighting is a passive solar architecture techniques․ This trick of an efficient solution provides natural light and insolation, at the same time gives a non-standard perception to the interior. Zeniths, being, in fact, not a stereotypical source of light, create an alternative light and shadow, accepted in ordinary architecture and familiar to the human eye. This is new food for thought. The human eye, accustomed to perceiving standard lighting in residential and most other buildings, enters the world of new sources of light and shadows. During the day, “winged dragons” bring light, a warm and blue sky, and in the evening or at night with artificial lighting, i.e. a shadow and a starry sky overhead.

The roof is made of natural slate tiles. The building has a free drain from the perimeter blocks, and it is proposed to organize internal precipitation removal from the internal blocks.

In the first case, the drainage system can correctly distribute rainfall flows along the perimeter, irrigating the territory and draining excess water into the stream. In the second case, water can be collected in special containers and used to irrigate the greenery of the patio.

Ventilated facades, sheathed with aluminum panels.

The interior is done in shades of white.

The main materials used in the interior are the following: 

The cork floors, soft, warm are in the cinema hall, foyer, exhibition pavilion, offices and cafe.

The cork furniture, i.e. sofas and poufs is also offered in the waiting areas and in the lobby.

Vinyl floor for covering of the entrance group is proposed. Same in the kitchen area, WC, technical spaces and warehouses.

On the master plan, the building is moved as far as possible to the north, to a rocky hill. Thanks to this solution, it is possible to organize a spacious area from the south, with beautiful panoramic views and outdoor activities during the warm seasons of the year, music, warm drinks and outdoor sitting by the fire. 

Tables and counters in the form of dragon eggs give the exterior space a kind of mythical, fairy-tale touch, not allowing guests to forget about the magical world of cinema. 

Sinusoid shape river with an amplitude in strict proportions of the golden ratio is pierced by a wide promenade over the water surface, which leads to the farthest corner of the site. The outdoor fire pit seating is located on this axis of the promenade which serves as an alternative public event area.