Summer Pavilion On Azov Coast

  • Address: Peresyp v., Krasnodar reg., Russia
  • Area: 107.0
  • Project year: 2011г
  • Role
    Concept Elaboration
  • PA
    Telemak ANANYAN
  • Architects

Summer Pavilion of concrete is a lounge area of the coastal “estates” and is a part of a colorful parterre leading to the sea and the Japanese garden.
Seascape is accentuated with a portal-pass. One can climb on the roof of the construction by the stairs from the side of the console. The frontal wall of the pavilion is designed as a continuous plane of the small windows-holes, associated with light sea ripples and creating additional natural ventilation.

There is a soft area inside the pavilion, dining area and sector for cooking with a barbecue grill and oven-”tonir”.

Beautiful view to the sea and Japanese rock garden is seen from the lounge area.