Multifunctional Museum Complex in Yaroslavl

  • Address: The territory of the “Spartakovets Stadium”, Yaroslavl, Russia
  • Area: 2,6 ha
  • Project year: 2013г
  • Role
    International competition project
  • PA
    Telemak ANANYAN
  • Architects

The project is created within the framework of the Official competition of the Yaroslavl International Architecture Biennale “Spartacus alive”.

The complex serves as a platform for enlightenment, education and at the same time leisure and pastime, both for citizens and guests of Yaroslavl.
The concept proposes a transformation of the whole complex into a single multifunctional space under one dome. The building is recessed into an existing deepening of the stadium. In fact, there is no facade. The green exploited roof of the ensemble, which is based on a parametric model of gravitational lenses with a picturesque fractal grid in the image of a sunflower, blends harmoniously into the existing panorama and is, in fact, the fifth and only facade of the building.
Nine funnels of different diameters and heights are collected in a single covered space of the overall interior of the complex. The hyperboloid of the funnels, modelled in strict accordance with the principles of the golden ratio, preserves the original universal code and the harmony of the universe. Such approach thereby creates the ideal proportion and silhouette of the unforgettable and powerful form of the funnel, galaxy, whirlpool, and gravitational field, which is the most pleasing to the visual perception.
Funnels are a kind of gravitational centres, around which are assembled concert halls, exhibition spaces and other multipurpose areas. In addition, the funnels provide the necessary insolation of the premises. There are exhibition halls and expositions in the segments of the funnels, which are oriented to the north.
Thanks to the technology of parametric design, it was possible to assemble all the premises with different contents and shapes under one peculiar complex roof. Thus, through the help of large strokes, we were able to solve aesthetic, functional, navigational, three-dimensional and compositional issues.

Pic. 1. – 3D panoramic cinema interior
Pic. 2. – The concept of formation on the basis of a fractal parametric half-timbered structure.
Pic. 3. – Examples of a modular grid using a golden section (Le Corbusier, MODULER, Moscow, 1976).