“Klenoviy Boulevard” Metro station concept

  • Address: Moscow, Russian Federation
  • Area: 8582
  • Project year: 2018г
  • Role
    Interior design
  • PA
  • Architects

The architectural and artistic concept of Moscow metro station “Klenoviy Bulvar” (“Maple Boulevard”).

Base for the concept of the architectural and artistic solution of “Maple Boulevard” station is the well-known means of harmonizing artistic forms. In particular, in the longitudinal walls, floors and ceilings of long corridors or platforms, it is recommended to create a narrowing-expanding form of rhythmic construction. Principle of Fibonacci sequence or harmony of the golden ratio serves as the basis of the rhythm.

It is recommended to use the method of visual transformation of space at the expense of tones – make them darker and consequently visually closer, in order to find solutions for transverse planes. It is also worthwhile to take advantage of space reduction by applying the compositional means shown in Fig. 1. Thanks to these methods, passengers will visually perceive the tunnel or platform shorter towards the end, than it really is.

The 21st century was the century of endless disputes between postmodernists, advocates of robotization, digitization and parametrism. Parametric and digital modeling, based on such mathematical monsters as Sierpinski’s triangle and Koch’s curve, are taken as the basis of the artistic means for developing composition. Moscow metro network and the spider web of fractals are kind of projection of one in the other.

The authors believe that such a pattern emphasizes innovative and modern approach of Moscow subway.

The Koch curve is a fractal curve, described by the Swedish mathematician Helge von Koch in 1904. Three copies of Koch curve, constructed with the outwards-pointing sharp edges on the sides of a regular triangle, form a closed curve of infinite length, called Koch snowflake. According to the authors of the project, Koch snowflake and the natural principle of the maple leaf formation create necessary association with the name of the station “Maple Boulevard”. As for the color solutions of the walls, shades intrinsic to the real maple leaf are suggested (see Figure 2). By different koroist methods, to achieve perception differentiation of opposite platforms as well as upper vestibules.