Hotel PAMIR in the Moscow school of management SKOLKOVO

  • Address: Novata str., village Skolkovo, MO, Russia
  • Area: 6000.0
  • Project year: 2009г
  • Role
    Interior Design
  • PA
    Telemak ANANYAN
  • Architects

Hotel in Skolkovo Moscow School of Management is a part of a large 80,000 square meters campus situated in Skolkovo village near Moscow.
The main concept of the school founders was to create a flexible space that would represent the school’s innovative and progressive nature, simultaneously emphasising that its roots are coming from the ideas of 20th-century Russian Avant-Garde.
Completed in 2009-2010, the Hotel comprises of 126 comfortable rooms that permanently accommodate students on campus. Hotel rooms range in categories and sizes. There are 4 rooms with double beds, 119 rooms with single beds, 2 rooms for people with disabilities and 1 deluxe room.
The typical hotel room of the School is designed as a modern volumetric interpretation of the works of Kazimir Malevich. Internal space of the room turns into a suprematist composition, where part of the interior turns into a compositional element. The solutions of interiors are made with basic geometric forms and in a limited range of colours to correspond with the ideas of suprematism. With this innovative approach, designers have achieved a pure synthesis of functionality and overall concept.