Architectural solutions

The overpass-bridge is a cylindrical gridded membrane-structure that connects the park located in the Komitas-Zaryan section of the Northern Axis with the park of four Komitas buildings. The bridge rests on similar cylindrical “legs” installed on the southern and northern sidewalks of Komitas. 

The bridge is semi-open, semi-enclosed, unheated. 

The lower mark of the bridge in relation to Komitas Avenue is 4500 mm, the height of the bridge is 4000 mm. The stairwells are located inside the cylindrical supports.

The length of the bridge is 47250 mm. The big flight is 31150 mm, the small one is 9500 mm. The total width of the passage is 5300 mm.

Structural solutions

The proposed structural system is hybrid, combined, it is a combination of active single-wall membrane and vector-active metal large-scale spatial trusses. The parametric high-flying roof is planned to be implemented as a membrane surface of double curvature, the subsystem of which is a frame of metal spatial trusses and an external fencing with zinc. The system is planned to be made of light rolled super strong aluminum and steel spatial profiles.