International Competition for the Development of the Architectural and Artistic Concepts of Moscow Metro Stations

“Ithaka” studio participated in the international competition, conducted by the Moscow

  The international competition for the development of the architectural concepts of the Moscow metro station “Klenoviy boulevard” and “Nagatinsky Zaton” commenced on 22 November 2017. The contest is held with the initiative of JSC “Mosinzhproekt” with the support of the Moscow Building Complex and with the participation of Moscow’s chief architect Sergei Kuznetsov. The main objective of the contest is to develop architectural, artistic and design solutions for the interior of the platforms of both stations and entrance pavilions, as well as to choose optimal building materials, non-capital structures and lighting.

  “Ithaka” studio presented concepts of the architectural and design appearance of the two metro stations. The conceptual base for the concept were well-known means of harmonizing artistic forms to create a narrowing-and-expanding form of rhythmic construction for the platforms. To obtain such an effect, the principle of the Fibonacci sequence (aka the harmony of the golden ratio) was taken as the basis of the rhythm. In addition to the above-mentioned principle, the choice of color and shape plays an important role in creating a complete image. Hence, the color of the far wall of the platform station is kept in dark tones, which visually helps to bring it closer.

  Such well-known mathematical monsters as Sierpinsky carpet and Koch’s curve served as the main forms for the interior of both metro stations. For the Klenovy Boulevard station, the working group selected the Koch curve, resembling a maple leaf in an endless repetition. After analyzing the existing building of the Nagatinsky Zaton block, Ithaka group concluded that the fractal square of the Sierpinski carpet harmoniously describes the urban context of the development of this part of the city.

  The international competition has two stages: qualifying and final. The selection of Winners will be held on April 17, 2018, on the project “Active citizen” with the condition of voting on this project. After the final vote, it is planned to announce the shortlist of the best architectural, artistic and design solutions, which will later be implemented.

 Project Klenoviy boulevard

 Project Nagatinsky zaton