Consultations and researches related to the architecture field

Our company conducts research and consulting in the area of architecture and design.

A team of professionals will study your idea or project of a building or territory development and will suggest the best options for its implementation working closely with economists and lawyers for a better output in the business plan or financial model. After analysing and summarising all the data, we will present the possible architectural and urban solutions and the most profitable and practical options for implementing a project or idea.

Our professionals will help you choose the most suitable and sustainable project and the best ways of its implementation.

  • Publication of scientific and science popularisation literature, research articles, reports, participation in fora, conferences, and workshops.

Our company has authored a number of high-quality books, studies, reports, conference abstracts, forum and symposium contributions, as well as a number of science popularisation and edutainment projects. Our partners actively participate in all kinds of scientific and science popularisation events across the globe and have significant experience of publishing books, brochures and other materials on architecture.

  • Study and analysis of existing buildings for their subsequent reconstruction and development. Suggestions for possible development strategies, reconstruction alternatives from the technical, aesthetic, functional and other points of view.
  • Technical analysis of buildings/structures and expert assessment.

Engineering surveying of buildings/structures and technical report. Geological analysis of soil prior to construction, geodetic survey.