Ithaka – Architecture and Design

Throughout more than a quarter of a century, the workshop has completed hundreds of projects in Moscow, Yerevan, Minsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Anapa, Kaliningrad, Denver and other various regions of the Republic of Armenia and the Russian Federation.

The competence of the company includes a wide range of tasks related to the planning of architectural and urban environment – from urban planning solutions and the design of public/residential buildings and structures to interior architecture and applied design. The workshop also deals with research and educational activities in the field of architecture.

The works of our workshop were presented on 20 international authoritative professional platforms and were awarded 10 international awards and prizes.

  • The Yerevan Architectural Biennale 2016 – Second degree diploma
  • The Yerevan Architectural Biennale 2014 – Grand Prix
  • The Yerevan Architectural Biennale 2011 – First degree diploma
  • The second Russian competition «Glass in architecture» 2012 – Bronze diploma
  • World Architectural Festival «WAF» 2011 – Conceptual Project
  • The XVII International Festival of Architecture “Zodchestvo 2009” – Bronze diploma
  • INSIDE World Festival of Interiors
  • II International architectural, construction and interior exhibition «Beautiful Houses» I place
  • II International architectural, construction and interior exhibition «Beautiful Houses» II place
  • Second degree diploma of Russian Union of Architects

Types of workshop activities

  • Architecture
  • Urban solutions
  • Land development
  • Landscape design
  • Interior design
  • Architectural supervision
  • Consultations and researches related to the architecture field
  • Legal accompaniment of the projects
  • Customer’s functions
  • Constructive solutions
  • Engineering equipment
  • Energy analysis
  • Applied and industrial design
  • Graphic Design

Designing of buildings in Moscow

The architectural design of buildings and structures is a complex and responsible, but at the same time creative work of many specialists in the field of architecture and construction. Designing is a long process that begins with the project design, development of all necessary projections, facades, planning, functions, navigations, compositional and space-spatial solutions, and author supervision of construction. This design process is mandatory for both the construction of small buildings and full-fledged residential complexes. The project developer engages qualified architects, designers and engineer-builders.

The design solutions are developed in strict accordance with the SNiP, which operates on the territory of the projected facility.

Each section of the project documentation must contain the necessary documentation in text and graphics.
For example: According to the Governmental Resolution of the Russian Federation No. 87 of February 16, 2008, Moscow “On the composition of project documentation sections and requirements for their content,” the project documentation of capital construction projects for production and non-production purposes consists of 12 sections.

Section 1 “Explanatory note”

Section 2 “Scheme of constructional organization of land”

Section 3, “Architectural solutions”

Section 4 “Constructive and space-planning solutions”

Section 5 “Information on engineering equipment, on the networks of engineering and technical support, the list of engineering and technical measures, the content of technological solutions” should consist of the following subsections:

  • A) Subsection “Power supply system”;
  • B) subsection “Water supply system”;
  • В) subsection “Water disposal system”;
  • D) subsection “Heating, ventilation and air conditioning, heating networks”;
  • D) subsection “Communication Networks”;
  • Е) subsection “Gas supply system”;
  • G) subsection “Technological solutions”.

Section 6 “Construction Management Project”

Section 7 “The organization of work for the demolition or dismantling of capital construction projects,” implemented in case of the necessity of demolition (dismantling) of the facility or part of the capital construction project

Section 8 “List of measures for environmental protection”

Section 9 “Measures to ensure fire safety”

Section 10 “Measures to ensure access for people with disabilities”

Section 11 “Estimates for the construction of capital construction projects”

The estimated documentation provided in paragraph 28 of this Regulation must contain the estimated costs, object and local estimates, estimates for certain types of costs.

The specified documentation is made with the estimated prices that were established by the time it was compiled.

Section 12 “Other documentation for cases provided by federal laws”

In particular, the section “Architectural solutions” should contain:

In the text section

  • A) description and justification of the external and internal type of the capital construction object, its spatial, planning and functional organization;
  • B) substantiation of three-dimensional and architectural-artistic solutions, including that in terms of legal parameters for the authorized construction of the capital construction facility;
  • C) description and justification of the used composite methods for decoration of facades and interiors of the capital construction object;
  • D) description of solutions for finishing the premises of the main, auxiliary, maintenance and technical purposes;
  • E) Description of architectural solutions that provide natural lighting of rooms with a permanent stay of people;
  • E) a description of architectural and construction measures to protect the premises from noise, vibration and other effects;
  • G) description of solutions for the object’s light-guards, ensuring the safety of aircraft flights (if necessary);
  • H) description of solutions for decorative, artistic and color design of interiors for non-production objects;

In the graphic part

  • J) display of facades;
  • K) color solution of facades (if necessary);
  • L) plans for each floor of buildings and structures with the provision of premise explication for non-production facilities;
  • M) other graphical and exposition materials that are performed in case the need for this is indicated in the design task.

The need for the development of a project section documentation for the capital construction site, as applied to individual stages and types of construction, is established by the customer and is indicated in the design assignment.

The possibility of preparing project documentation for certain stages of construction should be justified by calculations that confirm the technological feasibility of implementing the adopted design decisions in the construction phase.

Project documentation for a particular stage of construction is developed in the amount necessary for the implementation of this stage of construction. The specified documentation should meet the requirements of the composition and content of the sections of the project documentation established by the relevant law for capital construction projects.

When developing a building project, numerous objective and subjective factors are taken into account:

Soils. They determine the choice of the carrier system, foundations, structural scheme, load-bearing materials and construction technology, which will be used for erecting the structure.

Landscape. The nature of the relief has a direct and objective influence on the concept of the project, on the spatial, planning and functional content of the project.

Advantages of cooperation with our studio:

The workshop has had experience in providing design services for more than 25 years.

Specialists. The company employs a team of professionals. These are qualified architects who have the appropriate education and are familiar with all the nuances of the practical implementation of creative ideas

Services. The company performs various types of projects. The complex approach enables a potential customer to purchase the entire package of services in one workshop . The specialists of the studio are engaged in the project development of buildings with various specifics, ranging from apartments, townhouses, penthouses, houses and cottages to shopping malls or hotels. In addition to the design of residential and public buildings, redevelopment of premises, work on the creation of landscape design, etc. are carried out. It can be, as a previously implemented project, as a completely new, author’s project. During work, requirements of clients are highly considered. The documentation development process can take from several months to several years. Everything depends on the scale and specifics of the building and individual requirements.

Portfolio. On the website you can see examples of the company’s finished works.

Recognition. The works of our workshop were presented on 20 international authoritative professional platforms and were awarded 10 international awards and prizes.