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How is the cost of building design being calculated?

Total cost of a residential building or another construction design includes the cost of:

  • Presentation Project;
  • Working documentation;
  • Author’s supervision.

The final design cost depends on:

Total area of ​​the future object: The larger is area of ​​the construction; the lower is its price per 1 sqm.

Functional purpose of the object (cost of design works for public and residential objects varies).

Accurate cost estimates can only be based on a working project. To find out preliminary price of the architectural project, please send us an email to info@ithakastudio.com address and we will come back to you with our commercial offer.

What is a Presentation Project?

Development of any construction, such as Private house, Hotel, Restaurant, Shopping/Entertainment or Business Centers starts with a unified presentation project, consisting of the following stages.


Architectural concept


  • Development of functional zoning scheme;
  • Volume-planning solution of the construction;
  • Situational plan (takes into account urban environment);
  • Identification of stylistics of the future construction through development of collages etc.


Architectural project


  • Explanatory note;
  • General and situational plan;
  • Sketches of floor plans;
  • Schematic diagrams of the sections (heights are indicated) and facades (heights are indicated);
  • 3d visualization (perspective images, modeling, texturing).

On the basis of presentation project, working documentation of the future building is being developed.


Detailed information on the stages of developing a design project can be found here.

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Time period for development of interior design depends on the scale and complexity of the planned design work. Interior design works for the area of 120 sqm usually take from 5 to 7 weeks:


  • Preparation of presentation project (2-3 weeks);
  • Preparation of working documentation (3-4 weeks).


Depending on the complexity of the conceived interior and coordination of the project with the Customer, the estimated work time of specialists may increase or, on the contrary, decrease.


Detailed information on the stages of developing a design project can be found here.


How is the technical task being formed?

Terms of Reference (Technical Task) of any project is being formed on the basis of the questionnaire filled out by the Customer. In this application the Customer specifies goals of the future building, as well as the basic requirements and wishes for its exterior and interior.

Sample questionnaire for drafting interior design TOR can be obtained by sending us an email to info@ithakastudio.com address.

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